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Open: 7 days a week, 12:00 till 14:00 and evening opening is 17:00 till 23:00 - Booking essential

Sample Menu


  • Onion Palak Pakora - A home made crunchy snack with fritters of finely shredded spinach, onion and water chestnuts £3.95
  • Singhade Ki Tikki - A popular spiced spinach, potato pattie that is loved all over India with a twist of added flavours of water chestnut and cheese £5.50
  • Bombay Chat - Popular vegetarian melt-in-the-mouth snack with yoghurt, topped with homemade chutneys and gram flour vermicelli £4.25
  • Saffron Paneer Tikka - Indian cottage cheese marinated with distinct flavours, grilled to perfection in the tandoor £5.25
  • Chemmeen Porichathu - Tiger prawns marinated in a paste of kashmiri chillies, turmeric and fried, a simple and flavoursome coastal delicacy £7.95
  • Tilapia Thattukada - Thattukada stands for road side eatery.  This is a stir-fry fish dish.  A Keralan street delicacy marinated in southern spices and served with homemade chutney made of coconut and raw mango £7.50
  • Nandu Trio - Crab is fondly called as "nandu" in Kerala.  This dish is a combination of deep fried soft shell crab, Devon crab tikki and sweet corn crab and coconut £7.95
  • Exotics of Chicken - A display of Tandoori skills and chicken in exclusive distinct flavours £5.95
  • Agneau Trio - Slow cooked lamb with aromatic spice.  A combination of lamb tikka, samosa and seekh kebab £6.95
  • Scallop Thengapal - Hand dived Scottish scallops simmered in lemon zest-flavoured coconut milk £7.50
  • Sea Food Platter - A seafood combination of tiger prawns, Scottish scallops, crab and salmon £9.95
  • Packakari Korma - Seasonal vegetables simmered in a creamy sauce of cashew nuts, coconut and flavoured with fresh coriander £7.95
  • Butter Beans Olan - Butter beans with ginger and curry leaf simmered in a delecatable sauce made of black eye beans; finished with touch of coconut milk £7.75
  • Methi Mutter Malai - Very fragrant North Indian delicacy made from onion, fenugreek leaves and green peas with hand picked chef spices and fresh cream £7.75
  • Karaikudi Kozhi Kuzhambu - Delicious Chettinad chicken curry with coconut milk, tomatoes and unique spices (kalpasi and kapak buds), simmered for a delectable taste £10.95
  • Dhaba Murgh - Chicken cooked with fine garlic, ginger, coriander and with aromatic spices.  Very popular in road side classic diners £10.95
  • Syrian Beef Curry - A spicy preparation from the Syrian Christians of Kerala; a perfect combination of spices and flavours £11.50
  • Lamb Kurumulugu - Lamb cooked with home-ground black pepper, coriander, cumin and curry leaves.  Very popular in the toddy shop £10.95
  • Pork Vindaloo - This dish was brought to Goa by the Portuguese and soon became a popular Goan delicacy with combination of hot and sour flavours £11.95
  • Kadal Kuthira Mango Curry - Kadal kuthira stands for sword fish - simmered in fennel, coconut and raw mango sauce £11.95
  • M&M Pan Fried Sea Bass - Fresh sea bass pan seared, served on a bed of curry leaf infused mash potatotes; in a raw mango, ginger and coconut sauce £13.95
  • Konju Theeyal - Tiger prawns cooked with smoked tamarind, red onions and finished with a touch of coconut milk £12.95
  • Meen Polichathu - Fresh sea bass cooked on its own juices with a delicate Kerala style masala coating of shallots closed in a banana leaf for extra flavour; served with mixed seafood pilau rice and a moilee sauce £13.95
  • Malabar Biryani - Under a flaky crust with fragrant spices and served with raita.  Choice of chicken, lamb, prawn or vegetable (Dairy & gluten free on request) £10.95


  • Paneer Makhni - Indian cottage cheese simmered in rich tomato sauce flavoured with fenugreek leaves £7.95
  • Chicken Tikka Masala - Mint and Mustard´s own exclusiv recipe of chicken tikka in turmeric, yoghurt and spices £9.50
  • Chicken Korma - Chicken with fresh coriander and mint delicately cooked with spices and coconut milk (Also available with lamb or vegetables) £9.50
  • Kashmiri Rojan Josh - Rogan Josh is one of the signature lamb dishes from the magnificent state of Kashmir.  Brimming with flavours of fennel, ginger and marked by the striking red hue colour from the kasmiri chillies.  It is indeed a celebration of all senses £10.50
  • Cheera Parippu Curry - Spinach is referred to as ´Cheera´ in Malayalam.  Cheera Parippu Curry is made with Cheera and Parippu (dal and spinach) Kerala style £7.75

From the Tandoor

  • Barbary Duck - A Kerala hunter´s special preparation of barbary duck; normally cooked on firewood, here it´s cooked in the tandoor and served with green peas, potato mash and Makhani sauce £12.95
  • Murgh-E-Awadh - Chicken breast marinated in yoghurt and spices.  Cooked in the tandoor and served with aromatic sauce and sweet potato beetroot mash £12.95
  • Tandoori Chicken - One of the most popular dishes originated in 1920 North India Peshawar:  Chicken Marinated in yoghurt, lemon juice and handpicked spices £12.95
  • Tandoori Salmon - Salmon steaks marinated in honey, whole-grain mustard, Kashmiri chilli and handpicked spices; grilled in the tandoor.  An M&M signature dish £2.95
  • Master Chef Mix Grill Platter - A combination of Tandoori king prawns, salmon, chicken tikka, sheekh kebab and lamb tikka £14.95
  • Malabar Lamb Shank - Very tender lamb shank marinated with aromatic malabar Kerala spices, slowly cooked in the tandoor.  Served with sweet potato, pumpkin mash and spiced pappadam £12.95
  • Tandoori King Prawns - M&M´s take on the famour Goan Kafreal; king prawns marinated in fresh coriander and grilled to perfection in the tandoor £13.95
Average cost
  • £12 Main course
  • £23 Food spend
  • Prices include VAT. 
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